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Say Hi to Team VivoLogica! 🤩

By Kajsa Wiklund on May 12, 2021

We are now presenting the team behind VivoLogica that envisions the world’s first fully automated Laboratory Management System. 🔬🧬

At VivoLogica we take pride in our diverse team with broad skillsets. We are a mix of medical researchers, molecular biologists, developers and lawyers who all believe in providing our researcher with the most intuitive technology possible. Our system is developed by the diverse team, Hidden Dreams and refined together with leading researchers in Europe, with cutting edge industry knowledge who have seen the need for this time saving solution first-hand. 👩🏻‍⚕️🌍

We all share the same values and ambitions where our efforts are directed towards streamline medical research and make life healthier for everyone - if we win, we all win! 🌟

Starting from the left hand side:

Patrik Dahlén - CTO
Marcus Dahn - Developer
Kajsa Wiklund - Head of Business Development
Alexander Sologub - CEO
Felix Thomasson - Head of Sales
Sara Mangsbo - Founder (not in the picture)

Are you suffering from time-consuming administration, data collection and applying new laws into your research, or do you want to improve reporting to authorities? Please reach out to one of us to discuss more 🚀❤️

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